Writing vs. Typing

Do you use a computer or write longhand?

There are pros and cons for writing longhand. Many authors prefer writing in a journal, especially for their first draft. Sometimes your mind is stimulated by the process of writing longhand. There’s just something about putting pen (or pencil) to paper that jogs your creativity. You can cross out things you don’t like, make charts or maps, and even illustrate your story.

You can take your journal anywhere, write wherever you happen to be. You don’t need electricity or a battery, and you don’t have to worry about a WiFi connection.

The cons, of course, are that it takes more time. Writing longhand can be a more lengthy process for many people. Typing can take less time if you’re a quick typist, and you can cut and paste and delete whatever you don’t like. You don’t need an eraser and you don’t have to leave blocks of scratched-out text on your page.

If you’re having trouble, though, you might consider writing longhand. Start with a journal, or just a sheet of paper. Jot down your thoughts, ideas, and whatever scenes you’re imagining. You don’t have to write the whole book out longhand if you don’t care to. Just get started. You can transcribe everything to the computer later – and do the first edit as you do so. This is the process that many writers enjoy.

Do you like to write longhand or do you use the computer?

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