Corn, corn, corn as far as the eye can see!
I like seeing nature overtaking manmade objects
Corn and Sky
The “big sky” is amazing after living in the Smokey Mountains
Another nature photo – cattails beside a pond
Railroad Bridge
Bridges and rivers fascinate me
Amish Farmhouse
We don’t have many big working farms left in SC
Fall trees beside a lake
Leafy Frame
The leaves were just beginning to turn
Prairie Grass
The prairie would have looked like this when Chance and Kye lived
Leafy Stairs
A woodland path
River Crossing
Taken from the steam train we rode – strictly for research, I assure you!
Wooden Stairs
Stairs to a Fall wood
Riverside Flowers
Another nature photo – flowers beside the river
Backbone_Braches(172 of 47)
Spring branches at Backbone State Park
Backbone_Dandelion(174 of 47)
A dandelion in bloom
Backbone_Flowers (170 of 47)
Flowers by the stream
Backbone_Rocks (164 of 47)
A rocky bluff over a stream
FarmRoad (66 of 152)
Iowa roads
FenelonAbove (7 of 152)
The Fenelon Elevator in Dubuque
FenelonBelow(1 of 152)
Fenelon Elevator from below
GoldStripes(47 of 152)
Green and Gold stripes
GreenAndGold (67 of 152)
Iowa farmlands
MississippiFramed(20 of 152)
The Mississippi from Dubuque
MississippiIslands (79 of 152)
The Mississippi Valley



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