San Francisco

View from the Hill
I like vistas – this one’s from Telegraph Hill
Green View
Another view from the hill, framed by greenery
Across the Bay
A view from across the bay, looking back at the city
Hilly Streets
Street scenes from San Francisco
Reading on a Hill
Taken during a Cinco de Mayo festival – enjoying the holiday in his own way
I like the juxtaposition of the shades of red
At the Docks
I like perspective shots – and water
Turning the Cable Car
We basically treated the cable cars as our personal amusement ride
Coit Perspective
Perspective shot of the tower  
Perspectives in Golden Gate Park
Fishing Point
The Pacific coast is far different from the one I’m used to
Golden Gate Below
“Artsy” shot of the bridge       
Green Building
I liked the colors and the architecture
Old and New
I like showing old and new things together
Under the Bridge
A shot from beneath the bridge
Pacific Coastline
The Pacific is such a different ocean, though they’re all really one body of water



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