FINALIST: Next Generation Indie Book Awards, 2014

“Red” won the 2012 Art Affairs Western Short Story Awards



What are a couple of enterprising lads to do in the late 1800’s when they’re miserable at home? “Go West, Young Man,” of course!

Chance Knight and Kye Devon have done just that, and run into each other on the way. The two quickly discover that they have mutual goals: to make a fortune, make an impact, and make names for themselves. They decide that the best pathway toward these goals is the owlhoot trail — the life of the outlaw.



As Devon Day and the Sweetwater Kid, the two plan to become the most successful outlaws west of the Mississippi. Along the way, they live the adventures that any other lad their age could only read about.

Follow the boys in this collection of thirteen tales as they rob a stagecoach, run a con game, and teach the locals not to draw to an inside straight. They follow a map to stolen gold, outwit hostile Indians, and investigate a supposedly haunted canyon. They run into foul weather, trigger-happy stagecoach guards, and a band of robbers out to take their hard-earned riches. They even join a cattle drive. In the midst of all the action, the two form a partnership that will last the rest of their lives.

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“Charmed by the end of the first chapter, Travelling Down the Owlhoot Trail with Devon Day and the Sweetwater Kid provides thirteen sweet reads to set the mind to a cheerful night’s sleep.” — Edward Massey, award-winning author of Every Soul is Free

“This pair offers more than Batman and Robin or Tonto and the Lone Ranger because each is equally integral to their operations. There is nothing superficial in the way J.E.S. develops their deepening friendship.”

“This book has just the right combination of tongue-in-cheek humor, action, and character development.”

“Down the Owlhoot Trail was a wonderful read”.

“This book captured my fancy from the first page. The writing is excellent, the development of the boys and their partnership is realistic and fun to observe, and this is the perfect blend of danger, humor, coming of age experiences, and Wild West details.”

“Like having a selection of gourmet truffles, some stories were savory and sweet while others dark and magnetic.”

“The banter between the characters drew me in and the action kept me reading.”

“These two characters really touched my heart – and made me chuckle as well.”

“I always enjoy a new adventure involving these two. They get into – and out of – some truly head-shaking situations.”

“Partner, I’d recommend you take a ride down the Owlhoot Trail.”



The Western Fictioneers ride again! This is an anthology from the “author” of the Wolf Creek series – “Ford Fargo” is actually composed of a stable of authors who write about the fictional town and its characters.

The town fathers have come up with the perfect way to raise money and bring travelers to Wolf Creek: a city-wide poker tournament! Everybody who’s anybody will be there, including some famous historic figures you might recognize. There are gamblers, loose women, gunslingers, bank robberies, and even a murder.

And our lads Chance and Kye are right in the middle of the action. What’s a man to do when he just wants to relax and win a few hands of poker – but he’s been recognized by the wrong woman?


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