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Speaking Engagements


I offer the following topics:

  • Writing Tips and Tricks – instructions and workshops about the art and craft of writing
  • Devon Day and the Sweetwater Kid: Crime Does Pay – discussions and new stories
  • The Road to a Novel – how I wrote and sold the stories
  • Writing in the Old West – how to mix historical accuracy with a good story
  • The Language of the Old West – a fun look at some of the words and phrases used in the Old West
  • Around the Campfire – fables and tales from the Old West
  • Everyday Life in the Old West – fun facts about daily life in the American West during the 1800’s
  • Everyday Life in the Victorian Era – fun facts about daily life in the rest of the world, particularly in England

I am a professional instructor, and provide a lively and entertaining experience with audience participation. Contact me to discuss your specific topic needs or to set up workshop sessions. Fees will depend on travel distance and time involved – contact me!

Contact me to schedule an interview or book review.

Writing With Pencil


Email me at

Snail mail to PO Box 3671, Greenville, SC 28608

And of course you can follow me on Facebook or on Twitter @jes_hays

 I look forward to hearing from you!


I love connecting with my readers

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