Natural Disasters

We now have three named hurricanes headed for the Americas at once. This is an unprecedented occurrence and could well be a major disaster for the US as well as our neighboring countries to the south and southeast.

I’ve mostly recovered from my unexpected illnesses, but am now worried for Florida, Texas, and the Caribbean islands.

If you live anywhere in the pathway of one of these hurricanes, please evacuate. Climate change means these storms are not going to be fooling around – you’re not going to be able to “ride it out” the way people used to. These are larger, fiercer storms than those of even a decade ago, and it’s only going to get worse as our climate continues to warm.

We’re headed for the coast ourselves in a week, for a well-earned vacation and some creativity re-booting. There’s nothing like a week at the beach for stimulating the old noggin for me. We’re all watching the weather though, hoping another hurricane won’t form this quickly and follow Irma and Jose.

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