25 Fantastic Gifts for Writers

GiftGivingDon’t know what to get that writer for Christmas? Here are some great ideas:

A genuine Leather Notebook Gift_Notebook






Aqua Notes for those ideas that pop up in the shower Gift_Aqua

Gift_Dock An iPad and tablet workstation

Writer’s Block … literallyGift_Block

Gift_ToolboxThe Writer’s Toolbox kit

An Out of Print shirt or tote bag – out of print book titles

Writer’s Remedy – a bottle of magnetic wordsGift_Remedy








Space Age Pen – writes at any angle, any temperature

Gift_KeysTypewriter key jewelry

Something from Litographs – literary shirts, totes, even tattoos


The Rumpus Mug – just read it … your writer will agree

Gift_BagA good, solid bag

Bookends, of course Gift_Bookend

The Storymatic – 6 trillion stories in one box


Gift_SoapWriter’s Block soap

A writer’s clock Gift_Clock

An antique (or reproduction) portable writing desk


Gift_Journals Journals, of course

A smartass mug Gift_Mug

A really nice pen and/or pencil set


Gift_Typewriter An actual typewriter

And, of course … books!


Books about writing or books just for reading

And for those with a little more money to spend:

  • A session with a literary editor
  • A stay at a writing retreat (or just a nice, quiet hotel)
  • The mod notebook – a notebook that syncs to the cloud

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