Gifts for Writers

What do you get for that writer in your life?


Here are some great gift ideas for you:

  • Software: Scrivener is one of the best writing platforms out there in my humble opinion – it’s $45 (unless you won NaNoWriMo and got the discounted price) and it’s fantastic. It’s like a virtual cork board where you can post not only your scenes (and move them around however you want), but research ideas, websites, photos, character sketches and settings.
  • A spa day: check out your local spa and get your writer away from the keyboard for a couple of hours of relaxation. They’ll thank you afterwards.
  • A new notebook – Here’s a great Top 10 List of the sorts of notebooks out there today. I like Moleskine myself, but there are lots of different types available. Pick something your writer would love.
  • A keyboard for their iPad – I’ve got one of these and it’s great. You can type just like a laptop, but you’ve got the portability of the iPad. Plus, it comes in a nice leather case.
  • A laptop bag or general tote bag – there are so many choices out there that I’m not going to pick just one. Browse your local leather store for a high-end bag, or just check out Amazon or Cafepress.
  • A magazine subscription – get your writer a subscription to their favorite magazine, whether it’s Writer’s Digest or Poets & Writers.
  • A writing conference – for this, you’ll have to either consult with your writer or be super-sneaky because you have to know which conference your writer wants to attend. Either pay the entire fee or contribute toward the total. This might make a good group gift.
  • New pens – you can spend anything from a few bucks to several thousand, depending on what sort of pen you’d like to gift.
  • Free time – arrange for your writer to have the time they need to write. Do the chores for a day. Take the kids to the zoo. Give your writer a day at a local hotel. Whatever it takes.

25 Fantastic Gifts for Writers

GiftGivingDon’t know what to get that writer for Christmas? Here are some great ideas:

A genuine Leather Notebook Gift_Notebook






Aqua Notes for those ideas that pop up in the shower Gift_Aqua

Gift_Dock An iPad and tablet workstation

Writer’s Block … literallyGift_Block

Gift_ToolboxThe Writer’s Toolbox kit

An Out of Print shirt or tote bag – out of print book titles

Writer’s Remedy – a bottle of magnetic wordsGift_Remedy








Space Age Pen – writes at any angle, any temperature

Gift_KeysTypewriter key jewelry

Something from Litographs – literary shirts, totes, even tattoos


The Rumpus Mug – just read it … your writer will agree

Gift_BagA good, solid bag

Bookends, of course Gift_Bookend

The Storymatic – 6 trillion stories in one box


Gift_SoapWriter’s Block soap

A writer’s clock Gift_Clock

An antique (or reproduction) portable writing desk


Gift_Journals Journals, of course

A smartass mug Gift_Mug

A really nice pen and/or pencil set


Gift_Typewriter An actual typewriter

And, of course … books!


Books about writing or books just for reading

And for those with a little more money to spend:

  • A session with a literary editor
  • A stay at a writing retreat (or just a nice, quiet hotel)
  • The mod notebook – a notebook that syncs to the cloud