Why Writing Will Make You Question Everything

If you’re a writer, you don’t think like the rest of the world. An author’s brain looks at things differently. Here’s why writing will make you question everything.

Authors get their ideas by questioning the world around them. What if gravity didn’t exist? What if world leaders got together and demanded peace? What if that woman in the coffeeshop suddenly slapped the man she’s with?

It’s just what we do as writers. We question … well, everything. We’re just not satisfied to take things at face value. We’re constantly wondering, pondering, and puzzling. We ask “What if?” and “Why?”

And then, the key to being a successful author – we answer our own questions. That’s where the creativity comes in. If we just asked questions all day, nothing would ever happen. The magic occurs when we take those questions and come up with answers for them, then write those answers down. Every book you’ve ever loved has come about through this process, even if the author may not see it in quite that fashion.

Writing makes you question everything … and then answer your questions. What are some of your best questions that led to stories?

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