Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

First, I must apologize for abandoning my post … sorry for the pun … I’ve been working on finishing up Book 3 and editing Book 2 and working on a new book for the Western Fictioneers and serving as judge for the Peacemaker Awards. That’s meant a LOT of reading and writing going on, and I just let a few things slip by the wayside. Mea culpa.

We’re also updating the website, so it’s going to have a different look in a short while — hopefully more user-friendly. We’re making progress on the upcoming newsletter database. You’ll soon be able to sign up for a monthly (or quarterly? perhaps I should be more realistic) letter detailing what this author is up to, what’s going to be published when, and how you can meet up with me. And I’ll be giving away a free booklet to everyone on the mailing list!

Keep watching this site – upgrades and updates coming soon

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