Best Character Chart Ever!

The Only Character Chart You’ll Ever Need



The Basics:




Name meaning:

Reason for names/nicknames:

Date of birth:

Astrological sign(s): (it’s fun to check out different cultures like Chinese Zodiac, too)



Any ID numbers associated with character:

The Body:

General appearance:

Physical Features:

  • Height/Weight:
  • Hair Color/Type: (type = thick, thin, wavy, kinky, etc.)
  • Hair Style/Distinguishing features: (balding, widow’s peak, cowlick, etc.)
  • Eye Color/Type: (type = round, oval, slanted, heavy eyelids, etc.)
  • Does your character wear glasses or contacts?
  • Face Shape:
  • Complexion/Skin type:
  • Skin Tone: (pale, olive, ruddy, etc.)
  • Body type: (thin, thick, muscular, flabby, etc.)
  • Blood Type:
  • Distinguishing marks or scars?
  • Birthmark:
  • Dominant hand:
  • Apparent age:
  • Most Predominant Feature:
  • Does your character resemble anyone (famous or not)?
  • Any disabilities?


  • General:
  • Any chronic conditions?
  • Any current health problems?
  • Any major accidents or trauma?
  • What is your character like when they are sick?

The Mind:

IQ (or general intelligence level):

Wisdom or common sense?

Confidence level:



Normal state of mind:

Religious beliefs:

  • What are your character’s general spiritual beliefs?
  • Does your character belong to a religious organization?
  • Active or not?

Any mental issues? (mental illness, phobias, etc.)


Sense of humor: (slapstick, sardonic, dry wit, etc.)

Ruled by logic or emotion?

View of authority?

Greatest fear:

What physical thing does your character fear the most?

What calms your character down the most?

What beliefs would your character go out on a limb for?

What would have to happen to make your character speak out and defend a stranger in public?

Does your character need friends?

Is your character overcompensating for anything?

What would mentally destroy your character?

Who or what would your character die for?

Is your character capable of changing?

Known languages:


Learning style:

Happiest and saddest moments in life:

The Outside Package:

Accent (speech):

Voice tone: (shrill, deep, cultured, etc.)

Habitual Gestures:


Eating habits/mannerisms:


Is your character usually rude or polite?

Typical posture:

Typical gait:


  • Clothing sizes (including hat and shoes):
  • Typical outfit:
  • Dressy outfit:
  • Casual outfit:
  • Sleeping outfit:
  • Does your character dress to be noticed?
  • Perfume/Cologne type/brand:
  • Any makeup?

Lucky charms:

Favorite possession:

Other characteristics:

Jewelry or other accessories:

  • List all items:
  • When and where are they worn?
  • Anything special to your character?
  • Why?


  • What?
  • Where?
  • What does it mean to your character?

Spending habits? (frugal, spendthrift, etc.)

Grooming: (every hair in place, windblown, etc.)

What does your character drive?

  • How does your character drive?

What does your character do too much of?

What does your character do too little of?

How does your character say hello and goodbye?

How has your character’s appearance helped and hindered them?

The Personality*:

Current state of mind:

Drives and motivation:

Good characteristics:

Character flaws:


What is your character’s greatest strength (whether or not they realize it)?

What is your character’s greatest disability (whether or not they realize it)?

What is your character’s greatest source of embarrassment?

Soft spot:

  • Do others see this?
  • How does your character try to hide it?

Cruel streak:

  • Do others see this?
  • How does your character try to hide it?

What does your character lie about?

Biggest vulnerability:

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins does your character fight (or give in to)?

Which of the Seven Virtues does your character have (or fight against)?

Optimist or pessimist?

Introvert or extrovert?

Loud or quiet?


  • Does your character have a plan for tomorrow? Next week? Next year?
  • Short-term goals:
  • Long-term goals:
  • How does your character plan to accomplish each?
  • How will others be impacted by these goals?
  • What opposes your character reaching these goals?

How does your character react to a problem?

What sort(s) of problems do they usually run into?

How does your character react to:

  • anger?
  • anxiety?
  • change?
  • criticism?
  • a crisis?
  • embarrassment?
  • excitement?
  • fear?
  • guilt?
  • happiness?
  • a mistake?
  • offense/feeling offended?
  • praise?
  • rejection?
  • stress?


What is your character’s greatest extravagance?

How does your character deal with sadness and loss?

What does your character feel most strongly about?

What does your character pretend to feel most strongly about?

  • Why?

Most comfortable when:

Least comfortable when:

Any prejudices?

Any superstitions?

Political party:

What would most embarrass your character?

What makes your character laugh?

What worries your character?

What is the reason your character is inspired to stay alive?

What words touch your character’s soul?


*You might consider completing one of those free online Briggs-Myers Personality Tests for each of your characters – they’re fun and informative





Sibling(s): (include birth order)

Any children of siblings:


Relationship with each member:


Birth weight/size:

First Word(s):


Where do family members live:

How does your character feel about their mother and father?

Type of childhood:

Earliest childhood memory:

Favorite childhood memory:

Worst childhood memory:

What childhood event most affected your character’s current life and why?

What world events occurred during your character’s childhood?

How was your character’s family dysfunctional (all families are, to some extent)?

What was the worst thing a sibling did to your character?

What was the worst thing your character did to a sibling?


  • What schools did your character attend?
  • How did your character feel about school?
  • How did your character perform?
  • Highest grade completed?
  • Favorite/Least favorite teacher?
  • Favorite/Least favorite subject?


  • Name(s):
  • Age(s):
  • Relationship with each:
  • Favorite memory of each:
  • Least favorite memory of each:
  • Other parent of each:

The Resume:

Work History:

  • Significant past jobs:
  • Current job:
  • Income level:

Talents: (natural abilities)

  • Particular lack of talent:

Skills: (trained abilities)

  • Particular lack of skill:

Is your character able to work for someone else?

Relationship with coworkers:

Does your character like their current job?

  • Why or why not?

Does your character play a musical instrument?

  • Which one?
  • How well?
  • How did your character learn?

Any police record?

  • What happened?
  • Time served?

What is your character’s proudest accomplishment?

Favorites/Least favorites: (answer each one twice, once for favorite and again for least)







Time of day:









Most/Least prized possession:




Mode of transportation:











Does your character smoke?

  • What?
  • How often?

Does your character drink alcohol?

  • What?
  • How much?

Does your character use any drugs?

  • What?
  • How much?

Does your character gamble?

  • What?
  • How much?

Are there any other addictions?

  • What?
  • How much?

Financial habits:

Worst bad habit:


Signature quote or tagline:

Words or phrases your character overuses:


Morning routine:

Bedtime routine:

Workday routine:

Weekend routine:

Favorite part of daily routine?

What does your character do when bored?

What habits has your character had to give up?

What are some habits your character just can’t break?

When would your character lie?


Sexual orientation:

What features get your character’s attention in another person?

First crush:

  • When/Where?
  • How did it work out?
  • Do they still talk to that person?

First kiss:

  • Where/When/How?
  • How well did it work out?

First sexual experience:

  • Where/When/How?
  • How well did it work out?

Any same sex experiences?

  • When/Where/How?
  • How well did it work out?

How did your character meet their current sexual partner?

Does your character have any secret attractions?

  • Who?
  • Why?
  • Under what conditions would they allow this attraction to become known?

Sexual turn-ons:

Sexual turn-offs:

What celebrities would your character have a threesome with?

What is the wildest thing your character has done sexually?

Is there anything your character would never do sexually?

What is your character’s idea of the perfect romantic date?

What does your character like to do after sex?

What are your character’s surefire sexy moves and lines?

What was the worst date and/or sexual experience your character ever had?

When did your character feel totally loved and accepted?


How does your character feel about themselves:

Does your character have a positive or negative body image?

Biggest regret:

Biggest accomplishment:

Minor accomplishments:

Does your character have trust issues?

What is the worst thing that could happen to them?

Does your character believe in luck and miracles?

What one event would throw your character’s life into total turmoil?

Most at ease when:

Least at ease when:

Past failure your character would be embarrassed to have anyone learn about:

If granted one wish, what would it be?

  • Why?

Daredevil or cautious?

  • Same when alone?

Darkest secret:

  • Does anyone know?
  • How did they find out?

What event or occurrence does your character most dread or fear?

  • Why?

What annoys your character more than anything?

What habits in others does your character find most annoying?

Does your character like big crowds of people?

What is your character’s guilty pleasure?

What does your character consider the most overrated virtue?


What one word would your character use to describe themselves?

Write a paragraph from your character describing themselves:

What does your character consider their best physical characteristic?

  • Why?

What does your character consider their worst physical characteristic?

  • Why?

What body part are they most uncomfortable with?

What does your character consider their best mental or personality characteristic?

  • Why?

What does your character consider their worst mental or personality characteristic?

  • Why?

How does your character believe that others see them?

What is the trait your character most deplores in themselves?

What are four things your character would like to change about themselves?

For each thing, would changing it actually improve them or make them happier?

  • Why or why not?

Is your character in touch with their emotions?

Do any of your character’s emotions disturb them?

  • Why?

What would your character say is their responsibility to the world?

When was the last time your character cried?

  • Why?

What is a song that represents your character?

What is a symbol that represents your character?

What are some things your character just doesn’t want to think about?



Does your character want to get married if single?

Best friend(s):

What does your character most value in a friend?

Relationship Skills:

What does your character like about people?

Has your character ever cheated on a significant other?

  • Why?

How does your character relate to other people?

How do others actually see your character:

  • Spouse:
  • Immediate family:
  • Extended family:
  • Friends:
  • Acquaintances:
  • Co-workers:
  • Strangers:
  • Antagonists:
  • Authority:
  • Children in general:

First impression your character makes:

  • What might happen to change this impression?

What do most people find likable about your character?

What do most people find irritating about your character?

What do friends/family like most about your character?

What do friends/family like least about your character?

Who does your character secretly admire?

Who were your character most influenced by?

Who was the most important person in your character’s life before your story starts?

  • Why?

Who was the biggest influence on your character’s life?

  • Why?

Who does your character consider an enemy?

  • Why?

Does your character think age matters in a relationship?

Who does your character misjudge or misunderstand?

Who misjudges or misunderstands your character?

Who does your character turn to for emotional support and advice?

Who turns to your character for emotional support and advice?

Who would your character most like to emulate?

Who would your character least like to emulate?

Has your character lost touch with someone significant?

  • Why?

What was the worst break-up your character experienced?

Have any of your character’s “ex’es” said they’d like to get back together?

How does your character deal with conflict?

Is your character judgmental of others?

Who was your character’s childhood idol?

What compliments would others pay to your character?

What insults would others use for your character?

What people have changed your character’s life?


Does your character own a computer?

  • Why or why not?

Email address(es):

  • What is each used for?

Online persona/avatar/handle:

  • Meaning to your character:

Four websites your character visits every day:

Does your character use the computer mostly for business or pleasure?

Does your character play computer games?

  • What kind(s)?
  • How much time do your character spend daily?
  • Any multiplayer games?
  • Name used in game(s) and meaning to character?





Favorite weapon(s):

Does your character know any martial arts?

  • What type?
  • Skill level:
  • Signature move:
  • Special attack

Home Life:

What is your character’s address?

  • Own or rent?
  • Is it a house, condo, apartment or something else?

Where would your character like to live?

What does your character’s home look like?

What is the neighborhood like?

Does your character like their neighborhood?

Is this a rural, suburban, small town, or city area?

What sort of decor has your character chosen for the house?

When someone walks into the house, what is their first impression?

Any pets?

  • What kind?
  • How many?
  • What are their names?
  • What is your character’s relationship with each?

Other Questions:

Is your character ticklish?

  • Where?

What was your character’s favorite childhood toy or game?

What is the most beautiful thing your character has ever seen?

Where would your character like to travel?

What would be the perfect gift for your character?

What is the best gift your character ever received?

What one act is your character most proud of?

What one act is your character most ashamed of?

What trait does your character deplore in others?

Which living person does your character most despise?

Does your character play any sports?

Would your character say that the future is hopeful?

  • Why or why not?

What would your character consider the worst thing that could be done to someone?

What is the worst thing they could ever do to an enemy?

Would your character rather be deaf or blind?

What time period would your character like to live in?

  • Why?

What is something your character just can’t understand?

Write a compliment as your character would deliver it:

Write an insult as your character would deliver it:

What would your character do if asked an intimate question by a stranger?

What does your character’s laugh sound like?

What are some of your character’s daydreams?

What are your character’s favorite stores?

What are some things your character says out loud day after day?

What are the components of your character’s perfect day?

What would your character do first if involved in a fender-bender?

How does your character flirt?

What would your character do if they were told not to blow the whistle on a violation?

What things would your character eliminate to create a perfect world?

What is in your character’s pockets?

Does your character believe that everyone deserves a second chance?

What are some pranks your character has pulled?

What is on your character’s bucket list?

What would your character do if they found a listening device in their hotel room?

If your character is being extremely quiet, what does it mean?

Would your character rather go to outer space or the bottom of the sea?

What places have changed your character’s worldview?

What might cause your character to be bored?

Does your character snore or talk in their sleep?

Why would your character go on a road trip?

What is your character paranoid about?

What dirty family secret would your character hear on their uncle’s deathbed?

What is your character’s most exhilarating experience?

How does your character treat a cold?

How does your character treat insomnia?

What is the meanest thing someone has said to your character? The nicest?

What would your character grab if the house were on fire?

Your character has been granted lunch with God — what do they gripe about?

What would your character do if they were invisible?

If your character could bring one person from the past back, who would it be?

  • Why?

What would your character do with five free minutes out of a very busy workday?

How would your character react upon meeting their biological parent for the first time?

How does your character act at three in the morning?

How would your character give a hard order to a group?

What language would your character like to learn?

How would your character react if told they might have a serious illness?

What does your character currently pray for?

If your character were drunk, would the person they like take care of them?

Who was the last person your character had a deep conversation with?

What would your character do if given the opportunity to tell a big lie?

What was a time your character said yes, but later wished they’d said no?

Have they ever given up on someone, then gone back to them later?

What was a time your character consciously risked their life?

What is the greatest amount of physical pain your character has endured?

What unanswered questions have plagued your character since childhood?

What experiences give your character goosebumps?

What good things happened last summer?

Does your character think there is life on other planets?

What does your character say during awkward silences?

What mysterious things has your character seen in the dark?

What goes through your character’s mind just before sleep?

Would your character kiss the last person they kissed again?

What would your character do if asked to organize a family picnic?

What does your character see as the lowest depth of misery?

How would your character act at a parent’s funeral?

What would your character tell the president if they could have a private meeting?

What are the first ten things your character would buy if they won the lottery?

How does your character handle waiting?

What talent would your character most like to have?

If your character were to die and come back as someone or something, who or what would that be?

Who was the last person your character held hands with?

What would your character do if offered a bribe?

Who is your character’s fictional hero?

What would your character write in a dream journal?

If your character could spend their last day on Earth with any one person (living or dead), who would that be and why?



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Character Chart for Fiction Writers by Kira Learner and Toni Walker

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 Fiction Writer’s Character Chart by Rebecca Sinclair

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